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Guardian of Spring

Guardian of Spring

This is a unique work

Maryam Fardinfard - 1984, Iranian

70 x 100 cm

Soft Pastel on Cardboard


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This artwork by Maryam Fardinfard, titled "Guardian of Spring," depicts a heartwarming scene featuring a large, gentle dog, likely a Saint Bernard, surrounded by three adorable kittens. The dog, with its expressive eyes and soft fur, appears to be protectively embracing the kittens, creating a sense of warmth and guardianship. The background is a lush, vibrant field filled with blooming flowers and greenery, evoking the essence of spring. The use of soft, pastel colors and detailed brushwork adds to the overall serene and tender atmosphere of the painting. The composition beautifully captures the bond between the animals and the tranquility of nature.

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