Elnaz Asgharzadeh 1984 - Iranian/Turkish

(Represented by Mondoir)

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    Elnaz Asgharzadeh was born in 1984. She began painting at the age of seven, growing up in an artistic family where her cousin, now a prominent exhibitor in Austria, served as her role model. Her family first recognized her artistic talent at the age of nine when she sketched a family portrait with charcoal, marking the beginning of her serious pursuit of painting. After completing a watercolor course, she taught herself oil painting and pencil drawing. By the age of 17, she was co-teaching painting classes for students, and at 18, she opened her own art school. Her teaching style and approach significantly increased student enrollment, a trend that continues to this day. Her preferred style is hyper-realistic oil painting.

    Elnaz holds a bachelor's degree in Iranian miniature painting. She taught oil painting, pencil drawing, and watercolor from 2000 to 2015 at her private gallery on Zafar Street in Tehran and conducted a miniature painting course at the non-profit Jordan University for a year. She has managed her private oil painting gallery since 2010 and opened a group oil painting gallery in 2015 in Niavaran, Tehran. She participated in the TV program "Returning Home" as an oil painting instructor in 2015. Since 2018, she has run her private gallery in Istanbul, Turkey, teaching oil painting, pencil drawing, and watercolor.

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