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White Handkerchief

White Handkerchief

This is a unique work

Ibragim Valikhodjaev - 1958 - Uzbekistan

93 x 75 cm

Oil on Canvas


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This artwork by Ibragim Valikhodjaev, titled "White Handkerchief," features a group of figures depicted in a stylized, abstract manner. The figures are primarily dressed in white garments, which resemble handkerchiefs or traditional attire, covering their heads and bodies. The use of bold, contrasting colors such as white, black, red, yellow, and green creates a striking visual impact.

The composition is dense, with the figures closely packed together, suggesting a sense of community or gathering. The artist employs geometric shapes and strong lines to define the forms, giving the piece a sense of structure and rhythm. The background is composed of fragmented, colorful sections that add depth and complexity to the scene.

Overall, the artwork conveys a sense of unity and cultural identity through its use of color, form, and composition.

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