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The Place of Beginning V

The Place of Beginning V

This is a unique work

Elena - 1999 - Japan

227 x 181cm

Acrylic on Canvas


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“The Place of Beginning V” by Elena is a vibrant and dynamic artwork that combines elements of nature with her signature “Chibi-chan” characters. This piece features a colorful, abstract landscape dominated by a large, stylized mountain at its center. The mountain is depicted with bold, angular shapes and a variety of bright colors, including greens, blues, purples, and pinks, creating a striking visual impact.

At the top of the mountain, a playful and chaotic cloud of “Chibi-chan” characters emerges, as if erupting from the peak. These whimsical, plump, and rounded figures, depicted in black and white, display a variety of unique expressions and forms. They appear to float and swirl above the mountain, adding a sense of movement and energy to the scene.

The background is a mesmerizing blend of swirling pastel colors, including shades of yellow, orange, pink, and purple, reminiscent of a surreal sunset or sunrise. The colorful sky and the abstract forms of the landscape create a dreamy and otherworldly atmosphere, emphasizing the theme of new beginnings and the imaginative world of “Chibi-chan.”

“The Place of Beginning V” merges elements of natural beauty with Elena’s modern and playful twist, resulting in a captivating and imaginative piece that reflects the artist’s unique style and the comforting presence of “Chibi-chan.”

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