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This is a unique work

Ibragim Valikhodjaev - 1958 - Uzbekistan

111 x 120 cm

Oil on Canvas


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The artwork by Ibragim Valikhodjaev titled "Tenderness" (1995) features a striking and somewhat abstract depiction of a bull's head. The bull is painted with a dark, almost black, color palette, with prominent red horns that stand out against the darker background. The eyes of the bull are large and expressive, with a hint of blue in one of them, giving the animal a soulful and somewhat melancholic expression. The background is a mix of muted tones, which helps to emphasize the central figure of the bull. The brushstrokes are visible, adding texture and depth to the painting. The overall mood of the artwork is both powerful and tender, capturing a sense of strength and vulnerability in the bull's gaze.

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