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Surfung Ochibi XLⅡ

Surfung Ochibi XLⅡ

This is a unique work

Elena - 1999 - Japan

65.2 x 80.3cm

Acrylic on Canvas


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“Surfing Ochibi XLⅡ” by Elena features her iconic fictional character, “Chibi-chan,” in a lively and imaginative scene inspired by the classic “Great Wave off Kanagawa.” This artwork transforms the traditional wave into a vibrant composition filled with numerous “Chibi-chan” characters, depicted in black and white. Each “Chibi-chan” exhibits unique expressions and forms, creating a playful and chaotic harmony as they navigate the undulating waves.

The background showcases a colorful blend of pastel clouds in hues of purple, pink, and blue, adding a dreamy and surreal atmosphere to the scene. A stylized Mount Fuji stands calmly in the distance, providing a serene contrast to the energetic motion of the waves and animated figures.

The boats, brimming with “Chibi-chan” characters, sail through this fantastical sea, emphasizing themes of adventure and exploration. These small, plump, and rounded figures have served as emotional companions for Elena from her teenage years to the present day, guiding her through life’s challenges. “Chibi-chan” symbolizes the path to a bright and new life, and their unique yet serene forms emerge and disappear amidst the captivating waves.

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