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Surfing Ochibi XXXVII

Surfing Ochibi XXXVII

This is a unique work

Elena - 1999 - Japan

65.2 x 80.3cm

Acrylic on Canvas


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“Surfing Ochibi ⅩⅩⅩVII” by Elena features her beloved fictional character, “Chibi-chan,” in a dynamic and playful scene inspired by the iconic “Great Wave off Kanagawa.” This piece reimagines the famous wave, replacing the traditional water with a lively and whimsical array of “Chibi-chan” characters, rendered in black and white. Each “Chibi-chan” has a unique expression and form, creating a sense of chaotic harmony as they swirl and tumble within the wave.

The background bursts with colorful pastel clouds in shades of pink, purple, yellow, and blue, adding a dreamy and surreal quality to the scene. In the distance, a stylized Mount Fuji stands serenely, providing a calm contrast to the dynamic motion of the wave and the animated figures.

The boats, filled with “Chibi-chan” characters, navigate through this fantastical sea, emphasizing themes of adventure and exploration. These small, plump, and rounded figures have been emotional companions for Elena from her teenage years to the present day, guiding her through life’s challenges. “Chibi-chan” symbolizes the path to a bright and new life, and their unique yet serene-looking forms emerge and disappear amidst the captivating waves.

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