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Red fuji with floating Ochibi

Red fuji with floating Ochibi

This is a unique work

Elena - 1999 - Japan

65.2 x 80.3cm

Acrylic on Canvas


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“Red Fuji with Floating Ochibi” by Elena features her iconic fictional character, “Chibi-chan,” in a striking and imaginative interpretation of Mount Fuji. This artwork blends traditional Japanese elements with a modern, playful twist, presenting Mount Fuji in a vibrant red hue with a green base, set against a bright blue sky.

The left side of the composition is filled with a lively and whimsical array of “Chibi-chan” characters, depicted in black and white. These small, plump, and rounded figures exhibit a variety of unique expressions and forms, creating a sense of chaotic harmony as they float and cluster around the mountain. Some “Chibi-chan” characters are integrated into the clouds, further enhancing the surreal and whimsical atmosphere of the scene.

The bold and vivid colors of Mount Fuji contrast sharply with the monochromatic “Chibi-chan” characters, emphasizing the dynamic interplay between traditional and contemporary elements. The serene yet vibrant depiction of Mount Fuji stands as a calm and majestic backdrop to the playful energy of the floating “Chibi-chan” figures.

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