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Red Eye

Red Eye

This is a unique work

Maryam Fardinfard - 1984, Iranian

70 x 100 cm

Soft Pastel on Cardboard


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This artwork by Maryam Fardinfard features a striking and detailed depiction of an owl. The owl is perched against a tree, with its body partially hidden behind the trunk. The owl's feathers are intricately detailed, showcasing a mix of brown, black, and white patterns. Its large, piercing orange eyes are a focal point, giving the owl an intense and captivating gaze.

The background of the painting is a blend of dark, earthy tones, with hints of green and yellow, creating a mysterious and somewhat eerie atmosphere. The tree trunk and surrounding foliage are also rendered with great detail, adding to the naturalistic feel of the piece. The branches in the background are bare, suggesting a late autumn or winter setting.

Overall, the artwork combines realism with a touch of the surreal, capturing the viewer's attention with the owl's vivid eyes and the rich, textured environment.

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