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King of Pop

King of Pop

This is a unique work

Maryam Fardinfard - 1984, Iranian

182 x 129 cm

Oil on Canvas


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This artwork by Maryam Fardinfard features a striking and detailed portrait of the iconic pop legend Michael Jackson. The subject is depicted in a powerful and confident pose, looking upwards with a determined expression. He is dressed in an elaborate, glittering jacket adorned with intricate patterns and metallic elements, paired with black pants. The jacket features a prominent armband and a decorative belt, adding to his regal and commanding presence.

The background is a vibrant, cosmic scene with a gradient of deep blues and purples, dotted with numerous stars and bright lights, creating a sense of depth and otherworldliness. The use of light and shadow in the painting highlights the figure's features and attire, making him stand out against the celestial backdrop. The overall composition and attention to detail in the artwork convey a sense of grandeur and celebration of Michael Jackson's iconic status.

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