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His Highness

His Highness

This is a unique work

Maryam Fardinfard - 1984, Iranian

120 x 120 cm

Oil on Canvas


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This artwork by Maryam Fardinfard is a meticulously detailed and realistic portrait of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The subject is depicted wearing a blue thobe, a traditional long robe, and a white keffiyeh, a headscarf, secured with a black agal. The rich, deep green background contrasts beautifully with the blue of the thobe and the white of the keffiyeh, making the subject stand out prominently.

The expression on Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid's face is calm and composed, exuding a sense of wisdom and authority. His neatly trimmed beard and expressive eyes are rendered with great attention to detail, highlighting the texture of the fabric and the subtle nuances of his facial features.

In the lower left corner of the artwork, the artist's signature, "Maryam Fardinfard," is visible. The overall composition and use of color create a striking and dignified portrait, conveying deep respect and admiration for the subject.

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