Jake Andrew 1992 - British

(Represented by Mondoir)

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    A multidisciplinary artist and experimental musician with synaesthesia, Jake-Andrew's practice sits at the intersection of physical and digital art; centred around the way the mind can perceive audio or emotional stimulus as colour, texture, shape and movement.

    Exploring sensory perception, Jake-Andrew documents the emotional and physical response to the relationships that exist between colour and sound, and how they can reflect the minutiae and melancholia of the human condition through gestural abstraction and introspective layering; exploring the progression of his physical practice for the digital renaissance by introducing pixel manipulation to digital gesture and occasionally physical attributes through coding.

    His physical and digital crossover work has been celebrated by multiple international galleries; with showcases at Art Basel Miami through Transient Labs and their T.R.A.C.E exhibition, multiple international brand collaborations and installations such as Adidas (a projection and painting installation alongside 1/1 shoes at the flagship London store), Braun Audio ("Sound; designed" with Tokio Myers) and Glenfiddich ("The Taste in Colour Experiment" installation at Pan Pacific London) and a full multisensory exhibition at TODA Dubai for one of his latest projects "A Study in E-major" partnered with SuperRare and Morrow Collective. Alongside this, he has worked with TIME for a collaboration with Deepak Chopra, and live painted with LIFE Magazine during an event in New York.

    During 2024 he will be focusing on his first solo museum exhibition in London titled "Portals" (courtesy of JG Contemporary, London) and the screening of an upcoming documentary about his practice alongside ongoing digital series on SuperRare and Exchange Art.

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