Amir Soleymani - Mondoir 1976 - British

(Represented by Mondoir)

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    Amir "Mondoir" Soleymani

    Amir "Mondoir" Soleymani stands at the intersection of artistry and technological innovation, celebrated globally for his profound impact on the art community. As a visionary artist, gallerist, and entrepreneur, Amir has advancements in both physical and digital art spheres.

    Artistic Vision and Innovation

    Amir's artistic journey is characterized by a fearless exploration of mediums, from professional photography to digital painting and graphic design. His creations embody spontaneity and raw emotion, capturing the essence of controlled chaos. Each artwork is a testament to his intuitive process, inviting viewers to embark on personal journeys of interpretation and discovery.

    Entrepreneurial Leadership in the Digital Age

    Beyond his artistic prowess, Amir has been a driving force in the integration of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and blockchain technology into the art world. His initiatives have propelled NFTs to new heights of prominence, fostering a more inclusive and accessible art ecosystem globally.

    Global Impact and Collaborations

    Amir's influence extends beyond individual artworks to encompass strategic partnerships and global exhibitions. His recent endeavours include relocating his global gallery headquarters to Dubai, where he continues to spearhead initiatives that redefine the boundaries of art and technology. Amir's collaborations with leading global companies and participation in prestigious events like Art Dubai underscore his role as a high-fidelity thought leader in the art and Web3 industries.

    Philanthropic Initiatives and Community Engagement

    Driven by a commitment to social responsibility, Amir leverages NFT technology for charitable causes, supporting initiatives that improve the quality of life in communities globally. His NFT collection, "NFT Guild," embodies his dedication to uplifting marginalized voices and creating positive change through art.

    Amir "Mondoir" Soleymani's impact transcends borders, inspiring audiences worldwide through his visionary artistry and transformative leadership in the art community. His exhibitions are not just showcases of aesthetic beauty but platforms for cultural dialogue and innovation, bridging the gap between tradition and modernity in artistic expression.

  • Statement

    Why I Create

    One of the oldest questions humanity has grappled with is why the divine being created the universe, humans, and all other things. My journey as an artist has offered me a unique perspective on this age-old inquiry.

    When I started creating art, people often asked me why I created my pieces. My answer was simple: I created because I felt an urge to create. There was no grand plan or specific intention behind it—just a deep-seated desire to bring something new into existence. This pure, unfiltered urge to create is, to me, the essence of artistic expression.

    Interestingly, my curator in the gallery began crafting stories around my creations to help the audience connect with and understand them better. This process mirrors what religious narratives often do: providing explanations and contexts to help make sense of the divine creations they believe in. They seek to find meaning and purpose in the act of creation.

    This analogy is profound and resonates deeply with me. It suggests that true creation happens not out of a need for recognition, financial gain, or any external motivation but from an intrinsic urge to create and express oneself. Only when we create from this place of pure desire can we begin to understand why a divine creator might have brought the world and everything in it into existence.

    The relationship between the creator and the interpreter is crucial in making sense of the world. The creator brings forth something new and unique, driven by an inner impulse, while the interpreter bridges the gap between the creation and the audience, enriching the experience and understanding for everyone involved. This dynamic interplay enhances the depth and richness of the creation, fostering a shared journey of exploration and meaning.

    For me, the joy of creation is not just about the act itself but also about the connections that form when people engage with my work. I remember a particular instance when a friend saw one of my paintings at my home. They stood transfixed before it and later shared how the piece reminded them of a cherished memory, something utterly unintentional on my part. Yet, this personal connection added a whole new dimension to the artwork. When viewers interpret my creations, they bring their own experiences and perspectives, creating a dialogue between the artwork and themselves. This interaction is incredibly fulfilling—not because it satisfies a need for validation, but because it fosters a sense of connection. It is a mutual exploration, a shared journey of understanding. This joy of creation, this shared journey, is what I hope to inspire in others through my work.

    The interpreters, the audience, play an invaluable role in the life of a creation. Their interpretations and personal connections to art breathe new life into it. They add layers of meaning and context that the creator might never have envisioned. This collaborative process between creator and interpreter not only enriches the artwork but also fosters a deeper, more personal connection with it. This engagement, curiosity, and willingness to explore a work of art are what truly complete the creator’s journey. The audience is not just a passive observer but an active participant in the creation and evolution of art; their role is integral, and their contributions are invaluable.

    If there is a divine creator, they, too, would find joy in seeing humans interact with and seek to understand their creations. This very act of engagement is a form of appreciation and a testament to the profound connections that creation can inspire.

    I create because I am driven by an inner urge to do so. This urge connects me to a timeless, universal impulse to bring forth new realities. Viewing the act of creation through this lens can offer a meditative and communicative way to understand the divine. By understanding the act of creation for the sake of creation, we can deepen our appreciation for the world around us and the potential intentions behind its existence.

    Next time you see a creation, instead of asking why or seeking explanations, pause and reflect. Connect to it and see what it means to you personally. Don’t try to understand it in a conventional sense; instead, allow yourself to experience it, creating your own story about it. This way, you can forge a deeper, more meaningful connection with the artwork and its creator. Art is not just about the creator's intention but also about your personal interpretation and connection. Your unique perspective adds to the richness and diversity of the artistic experience.

    Amir Soleymani (Mondoir)
    July 2024

  • Exhibitions

    2024 - Mondoir Art Gallery