About Mondoir Gallery

Mondoir Art Gallery is committed to supporting emerging and established artists who are working in the digital medium. The gallery provides a platform for artists to showcase their work, engage with audiences, and connect with other artists and collectors.

In addition to exhibitions, Mondoir Art Gallery also hosts a variety of events and educational programs. These events range from artist talks and panel discussions to workshops and digital art classes. These programs provide visitors with the opportunity to deepen their understanding and appreciation of digital art and its significance in today's world.

Mondoir Art Gallery is more than just a physical space for exhibiting digital art. It is a community of individuals who are passionate about exploring the boundaries of art and technology. The gallery's mission is to promote and support digital art, and to foster a dialogue about its potential and its impact on our society.

About Amir (Mondoir) Soleymani

Amir “Mondoir” Soleymani is a well-renowned and respected collector, gallerist and art advocate. As a forerunner of the Digital art space, he has played an indisputable role in nurturing and raising the NFT space to its present level of prominence.

From Murakami to Kaws, it is no secret that Amir’s physical art collection is ample and extensive, containing a wide array of pieces from History-makers of all ages.

In line with the times, Amir has also been curating an impressive selection of NFTs and digital collectibles. Over 2,000 pieces! Some of his most prized NFT assets include the genesis pieces of Time, Forbes, Life, and many more pieces from industry-defining collections: Blake Kathryn, Manchester City, and Adidas/Prada.

His pursuit of innovation through technology and art, coupled with over 2 decades of business experience, have culminated in the creation of the Adelia Art Gallery in Liverpool, a unique physical space that displays NFTs and digital art. His gallery is the home to some of the most renowned international digital art pieces, including artworks from Victor Langlois AKA FEWCiOUS, Ryan Wilson AKA ThankYouX, and Cory Van Lew.

More recently, he has brought this unique vision to Dubai where he is opening his second NFT gallery.

His work is multi-facetted. In 2022, Amir led NFT Liverpool, a major real-life event to unite NFTs and digital art aficionados.

In partnership with The Times and FC Liverpool, the exhibition aimed to give the community a space to curate NFT-native art. Curators for the event included important Web3 thought-leaders such as Keith Grossman, Paris Hilton, PAK and many more.

The journey to innovation through NFTs has also led Amir to take on the role of Advisory Board Member in the 2117 project, an immersive metaverse experience that focuses on the UAE’s vision to establish a colony on Mars by the year 2117. In his board role, Amir advises the team on business growth and development. The project empowers human togetherness as a defining theme, which resonates closely with his values.

Amir is an advocate for social justice. From human rights and freedom of speech, to child abuse and environmental causes, the values of philanthropy an activism have always been on the forefront of Amir’s work. To this end, he has organized and hosted numerous charity events in partnership with global celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Edward Snowden.

More recently, Amir launched a non-profit project supporting the “Women. Life. Freedom” movement to raise awareness of the events unfolding in his home country of Iran.

Through NFT charity events, his aim is to raise proceeds for marginalized and disenfranchised people. Not only has he assisted in elevating many artists in the NFT space, he also continues to support fresh faces entering the space.

For his own NFT collection called “NFT Guild'', he coined the slogan “in good we trust'' to help the disadvantaged, elevate the unseen and create awareness using the potential of NFT technology.

Team Members

Amir (mondoir) Soleymani

Founder & gallerist at Mondoir Gallery. An activist first & foremost, philanterapist and art lover, Amir is a well respected member of web3 space.

Mehdi Abbasian

Entrepreneur in nature, Mehdi is leading Business Developments with vast experience on business expansion and working with high profile indivituals.

Tina Gavasheli

Director of Operations with extensive experience in art & fashion industry and track record of working with world class brands.