Jake Andrew Solo Exhibition


Collection: Jake Andrew

Jake Andrew is a British abstract artist and experimental musician based in Norwich, known for his unique approach that integrates his synesthesia into his work. Synesthesia, a condition where one sense is simultaneously perceived as another, allows Jake to experience sounds, emotions, and other stimuli as colors, textures, and shapes. This unique sensory experience deeply influences his abstract expressionist paintings, creating vivid, multi-dimensional artworks that capture his synesthetic perceptions.

Jake’s practice explores the intersection of physical and digital art, often resulting in immersive installations and performances. His works are not only visual experiences but also expressions of the way his mind perceives and translates auditory and emotional stimuli into art. This multi-sensory approach has gained him significant recognition in the contemporary art world, allowing him to exhibit internationally and collaborate with notable entities.

From January 25, 2025, to February 5, 2025, Mondoir Gallery will be hosting a solo exhibition of Jake Andrew’s work. This exhibition will provide a rare opportunity to experience the vibrant and immersive artworks of an artist whose synesthetic vision offers a unique perspective on the world around us.

Jake Andrew