INFINITE by Diaa Allam

Space, Sea, and Life choices — Through “INFINITE”, artist Diaa Allam explores the undeniable commonality between Nature, Humanity and Creation.

Through three never-seen before artworks, this hypnotic showcase will take visitors through the artist's evolutionary exploration of calligraphy and abstract, shining the light on Diaa Allam’s artistic evolution through distinct styles, each a testament to Diaa Allam's mastery of his art.

In a twist that can only be achieved through the use of technology, Diaa Allam presents each physical piece alongside its digital counterpart, blurring the lines between the tangible and the virtual. This parallel underscores the limitless nature of creation and invites you to ponder the infinite possibilities that arise when art meets technology. With the digital accompaniments, "INFINITE" challenges us to rethink the very essence of art itself.

Diaa Allam's "INFINITE" is a captivating testament to the artist's reflexion, dedication and innovation. Step into the infinite world of Diaa Allam's imagination, where creativity knows no boundaries.