Collection: All Eye - Maryam FardinFard

In the realm of art, where realism dictates, the artist refrains from any emotional exaggeration in depicting nature (with or without humans). Maryam's painting style, "Photorealism," challenges the balance between the artist's skill and the use of technology. As her attention to detail, shading, and contrast closely mimic a photograph, she meticulously avoids any sentimentality or embellishment in her artworks.

In her exhibition "All, Eye," Maryam invites us to see beyond the surface through her precise landscapes and portraits—each meticulously crafted to explore life's intricacies, nature, and the interconnectedness of all living beings. In her world, every leaf, petal, and ray of sunlight carries profound significance, prompting us to contemplate the deep beauty that surrounds us.

Zara Habibizad

Head Curator

All Eye - Maryam FardinFard