ART3: the world’s most innovative exhibition !

ART3: the world’s most innovative exhibition !

ART3 will run from March - October 2024 at Mondoir Gallery in Downtown Dubai.  Created with the intention to provide a safe, familiar and novel entrance point to Web3, ART3 is an exhibition curated by the world’s leading brands and features submissions from an open call that will run for one month. What’s different about ART3 is that it connects artists from around the world to the world’s leading brands in fashion, technology, entertainment and lifestyle, through an open call and exhibition that is powered by AI. 


In January 2024, Mondoir will conduct an open call for the exhibition for artists around the world. Each brand that is participating in ART3 gets one week during the exhibition to transform Mondoir Gallery into their showcase. They curate from the open call using a recommendation engine that is powered by AI, and based on a learning model of their creative philosophy, artistic direction and digital identity.  Mondoir Gallery brings their curation to life on state of the art digital screens, with over 800 inches of wall screens, physical and immersive displays. 

ART3 is more than an exhibition. It’s innovative in the sense that it brings the global community of artists together through an open call that is curated by some of the most well known brands in the world today. It creates new opportunities for artists to connect with entities they would not otherwise have the chance to, opens doors for brands to discover and identify talent through curation, and showcases the transformative power that Web3 and AI can have on an exhibition for the public to experience at Mondoir Gallery. 

Stay tuned for more updates about ART3.