Introducing "The Battle of Digital and Physical Art"

Introducing "The Battle of Digital and Physical Art"

Enter the realm of artistic duality with our new exhibition, "Duality Unveiled: The Battle of Digital and Physical Art." Within this captivating space, two opposing walls symbolise the clash between digital and physical art, triggering a thought-provoking exploration of artistic expression.

The first wall, measuring an impressive 5 by 2.3 meters, is embellished with a captivating hand painted wall art work. It features eleven screen panels, each displaying distinctive digital artworks created by a collective of talented digital artists. This immersive display thrusts viewers into the boundless possibilities of digital art world, as vibrant colors and dynamic forms dance across the screens, illustrating the immense influence of technology on the artistic landscape. These digital creations paint a picture of an evolving world, where innovation intertwines with creativity, redefining the boundaries of visual representation.

In striking contrast, the second wall emerges as a stronghold of physical artwork, asserting its dominance over projected digital animation. Here, the evocative presence of 11 unique pieces by emerging artist Tina Gavasheli commands attention.

Gavasheli's artistic journey unfolds through her expressive use of various colors, symbolising the very essence of her breathing process and the profound emotions she experiences during her artistic process. Each artwork is a testament to her unwavering commitment to unfiltered self-expression, stripped of any patterns or controlled techniques.

During her creative process, Gavasheli embraces a deep trust in her senses and the humble brush that carries remnants of colors from past paintings throughout the entire duration of her work. This act of surrendering her ego allows her intuition to guide the strokes, resulting in works that radiate authenticity and unfettered creativity. Those pieces are the tribute to the raw beauty that can emerge when an artist embraces her deepest emotions and lets her instincts shape the canvas.

"Duality Unveiled: The Battle of Digital and Physical Art" invites you to witness the captivating clash between two distinct artistic realms. Immerse yourself in the limitless landscapes of digital innovation while basking in the raw power of physical expression. Join us on this remarkable journey as we delve into the multifaceted relationship between technology and tradition, and discover the extraordinary visions that emerge when art converges at the intersection of the digital and the physical.