Maryam Fardinfard 1984, Iranian

(Represented by Mondoir)

  • حساب تعريفي

    A highly skilled and accomplished artist with a lifelong passion for colours and artistic expression. Demonstrated proficiency in various painting techniques, with a focus on portraiture and landscapes. Proven track record of participating in prestigious exhibitions and competitions, showcasing exceptional talent and dedication to the craft.

    - Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Corrective Movements and Sports Pathology
    - Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Physical Education

    Professional Experience:
    - Extensive training and mentorship under the guidance of renowned artist Hadi Pour, gaining invaluable experience in art and skill development.
    - Participation in numerous exhibitions, including:
    - Georgia Exhibition (2017)
    - Negah Qalam Gallery, Isfahan (2018)
    - Exhibition in Turkey (2019)
    - Negar Khaneh Exhibition, Iran (2016, 2018)
    - Recognition as one of the top artists in coloured pencil technique in Iran (2016, 2018).

    Artistic Achievements:
    - Secured the second position in nationwide painting competitions among Iranian students.
    - Notable works include a portrait of His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, featured on the Culture and Art Dubai Instagram page.

    - Proficient in various painting techniques, including portraiture and landscapes.
    - Strong understanding of colour theory and composition.
    - Ability to translate concepts and emotions into captivating artworks.

  • إفادة

    "All, Eye"
    Zara Habibizad
    Chief Curator

    In the world of art, vision knows no bounds. It transcends the barriers of sound, reaching deep into the soul to express the profound connection between the artist and their creation.

    Maryam Fardin Fard's art is a testament to the power of vision and the meticulous attention to detail she brings to her craft. Born deaf, Maryam's journey into the world of art began as a silent dialogue between her soul and the canvas—a dialogue fueled by the vibrant colors and intricate patterns of the world around her. Despite her inability to hear, Maryam's eyes became her most potent tool for self-expression, allowing her to convey the beauty and complexity of life through her art.

    "My name is Maryam, and until a few years ago, I was deaf. I couldn't speak, but I could see with the eyes that God gifted me. With every fiber of my being, I surrender to the earth and its colors. I may not have heard the sound of rain or the rush of the river, but within me, a storm rages—a storm of color, of pattern, of love. For years, I've learned to translate the currents flowing within me onto canvas, shaping a world that is uniquely mine."

    While some may believe that creating art requires the engagement of all senses, Maryam's extraordinary talent defies this notion. Her ability to create breathtaking works of art serves as a testament to the boundless creativity that exists within the human spirit, transcending the limitations of physical perception.

    In her exhibition titled "All, Eye," Maryam offers viewers a glimpse into her soul through her realistic depictions of the natural world. Each painting is a testament to her unwavering commitment to capturing the essence of existence and conveying it through the medium of art.

    Through meticulously crafted landscapes and portraits, Maryam invites us to see beyond the surface—to explore the intricacies of life and the interconnectedness of all living things. In her world, every leaf, every petal, every ray of sunlight is imbued with significance, inviting us to contemplate the profound beauty that surrounds us.

    Maryam's art transcends the limits of physical perception and invites viewers to experience the world through her "eyes," where silence speaks volumes and insight beyond sound. Through her art, let us embark on a journey of discovery—a journey through the lens of Maryam Fardin Fard's extraordinary vision and unwavering passion for art.

  • المعارض

    2024: Solo exhibition at Mondoir Art Gallery. Dubai, UAE
    2023: World Art Dubai (Dubai World Trade Center). Dubai, UAE
    2022: World Art Dubai (Dubai World Trade Center). Dubai, UAE
    2019: Naghshe Ghalam Gallery. Isfahan, Iran
    2017: Hoonam's fifth international of representational art. Tbilisi, Georgia
    2018: Tesekkur Begesi. Kastamonu, Turkey