Elena 1999 - Japan

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    Born in Spain and raised in Japan, Elena has been passionate about drawing since childhood and has a deep interest in art. She is currently active as an artist in Tokyo.

    Elena has been expanding her artistic opportunities by adopting a freehand style without drafts, introducing her original character “Chibi-Chan” in various styles. Her recent notable work, “Surfing Ochibi,” is a tribute to Hokusai Katsushika’s “Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji (Fugaku Sanjurokkei).” This piece showcases her unique style, combining adorable characters and enchanting colors with Hokusai’s traditional techniques. By extending Hokusai’s watercolor painting methods and unique compositions, she uses vivid colors of matte and hard acrylic gouache, harmonizing traditional art with modern pop art in a novel and supple beauty.

    “Surfing Ochibi,” her masterpiece, pays homage to the famous “Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji (Fugaku Sanjurokkei)” by Hokusai Katsushika, a renowned Ukiyo-e artist in Japanese art history. The little creatures in her works, called “Chibi-Chan,” are original characters she doodled on the corners of her notebooks during junior high school. They became her emotional supporters, staying by her side through her teenage ups and downs.

    “Chibi-Chan” evolved into a symbol of guidance for rebirth into a new, radiant life, sharing their lives with Elena. The brush strokes and thick outlines reflect techniques from Japanese anime and manga, emphasizing the existence of each character and their connection to human relationships. The unique but calm-looking “Chibi-Chans” appear and disappear in the supple, yet captivating wave foams, with their plump and rounded forms resembling fish, coming together as a collective with diverse structures and expressions.

    Elena’s works depict the composition of society and encourage viewers to appreciate the value of accepting themselves and others with kind hearts and open arms. Her art reflects a world that has learned to coexist by embracing a variety of thoughts to overcome challenges.

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    2024 - Collaboration event (Exhibition and Live Painting), The Sumida Hokusai Museum / Tokyo Japan
    Exhibited at Art Fair, art3f / Paris France
    Solo Exhibition, Centerrace Tenmonkan / Kagoshima Japan
    Exhibited at Art Fair, World Art Dubai / Dubai UAE
    Exhibition, Isetan Shinjuku Art Gallery / Tokyo Japan
    Exhibition, Ohnishi Tsune Shoten / Kyoto Japan
    Solo Exhibition, AND COLLECTION Contemporary Art / Tokyo Japan

    2023 - Solo Exhibition, Isetan Shinjuku Art Gallery / Tokyo Japan
    Solo Exhibition, AND COLLECTION Contemporary Art / Tokyo Japan
    Solo Exhibition, Le Clos Y / Paris France