Artem Shestakov 1994 - Ukrainian

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    Born in a serene Ukrainian town close to Kiev, Artem Shestakov's story is one of passion and discovery. From his early years, Artem was enchanted by the allure of distant, unexplored lands. This fascination turned into a life-altering journey when, at 19, Artem set out for Brazil. What was planned as a two-week trip evolved into several transformative years, marking the beginning of Artem's love affair with nature and photography.In the heart of Brazil, amidst its rich landscapes, Artem discovered his true calling. He was captivated by the country's natural beauty, and it was here that he honed his skills in landscape and nature photography. His journey across the Brazilian states wasn't just a geographic exploration but a deep dive into the art of capturing nature’s essence.

    Now, at 31 years old, Artem Shestakov has established himself as a distinguished figure in the world of fine art photography. His approach is unique; he doesn't just capture landscapes – he captures emotions, stories, and the soul of the environment. His photographs are more than visual treats; they are windows into the heart of nature, inviting viewers to experience the true essence of each scene.But Artem's journey extends beyond photography. His travels have imbued him with a deep understanding and respect for nature, driving his passion for environmental protection. Through his lens, Artem advocates for the conservation of the breathtaking landscapes he so lovingly captures. His photos are not just art; they are a call to action, urging us to preserve the natural beauty that surrounds us. Artem's life is a blend of art, adventure, and purpose.

    Artem's remarkable work has garnered recognition from the most prestigious photography organizations globally, including The Royal Photographic Society, Professional Photographers of America, and the National Press Photographers Association, among others. These accolades are a testament to his skill, dedication, and unique artistic vision.His work transcends cultural and linguistic barriers, touching the hearts of people across the globe. Through his photography, Artem encourages us to see the world through a different lens – one that appreciates the splendor of our environment and recognizes the urgency of protecting it.

    Artem Shestakov, already renowned for his breathtaking nature and landscape photography, recently embarked on a new artistic venture, expanding his horizon into the realm of filmmaking. This move represents a natural progression for Artem, whose passion for capturing the beauty and essence of nature has always been at the core of his work. Last year, Artem took a bold step in this new direction, journeying to one of the Earth's final frontiers – Antarctica. His mission was to create 'The Perfect Shot: Antarctica,' a short environmental film. This project showcases not only the stunning, pristine landscapes of Antarctica but also underscores the importance of environmental conservation – a cause deeply important to Artem. In this icy, remote part of the world, Artem's keen eye for beauty and his commitment to environmental storytelling found a new medium. 'The Perfect Shot: Antarctica' is more than a film; it's a visual poem, an ode to one of the planet's most awe-inspiring and fragile ecosystems. Through his lens, Artem brings to life the stark beauty of Antarctica, highlighting the urgent need to protect such untouched wilderness.In summary, Artem Shestakov is more than a photographer; he is a storyteller, an environmental advocate, and a visionary artist whose work captures the breathtaking beauty of the world and inspires us to protect it.

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    As an artist, my mission is to capture the profound beauty and intricate stories of the natural world. Each photograph I take is more than just an image; it is a narrative, a moment in time that reflects the soul of the environment. My work invites viewers to connect deeply with nature, fostering a sense of wonder and a call to protect the world around us.

    My journey has taken me to some of the most breathtaking and remote places on Earth. From the lush rainforests to the icy expanses of Antarctica, I seek to document the diverse and fragile ecosystems that make up our planet. Through my lens, I aim to highlight the delicate balance of these environments and the urgent need for their conservation.

    Art and nature are inseparable in my work. I strive to reveal the hidden harmonies and unexpected beauty in every landscape. Each photograph is a tribute to the natural world's artistry, capturing the essence of places that are both majestic and ephemeral.

    In my recent venture into filmmaking, I created 'The Perfect Shot: Antarctica,' a short film that showcases the stark beauty and fragility of one of the world's last untouched frontiers. This project is an extension of my commitment to environmental storytelling, using visual art to inspire action and awareness.

    My work is a blend of adventure, creativity, and a profound respect for the Earth. Every image and film I produce is crafted with the intention of sparking a deeper appreciation for our planet and motivating efforts to protect its splendor. Through my art, I hope to inspire others to see the world through a lens of admiration and responsibility, ensuring that future generations can experience the same natural wonders that have so deeply moved me.

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