Group Exhibition “Mahunik”


مجموعة: Group Exhibition “Mahunik”

Mahunik” is a timeless and spaceless. It began as line, shape, and dot, evolving into imaginative characters. These creations embody the artist’s exploration, reflecting the essence of everything that inspires their mind.

Jocelyn Akwaba Matignon introduces "Kioukan," an imaginary character with multiple body parts and an almond-shaped head. “Kioukan” is often associated with entities like Kukulan, the feathered serpent. Jocelyn explores the mysteries of the universe through cosmogony, layering multiple pictorial dimensions in his works. In Jocelyn’s paintings, “Kioukan” becomes a mystical consciousness that questions our place in space and time, revealing or concealing what we perceive as reality.

Elena introduces her fictional character named “Chibi-chan” in various styles. These small “Chibi-chan” characters have been emotional companions for Elena from her teenage years to the present day, guiding her through life’s challenges. “Chibi-chan” symbolizes the path to a bright and new life. These unique yet serene-looking figures emerge and disappear amidst gentle, captivating waves. Their plump, rounded forms coalesce as a collective entity, exhibiting diverse structures and expressions as they navigate the waves.

Farhad Abdi's artworks resemble a painting album of a family. These individuals are akin to people we see in contemporary times. This family belongs to the world of Goldfish. These Goldfish, with their short stature and bulging, staring eyes, symbolize lives spent aimlessly. Farhad challenges contemporary life by depicting these dwarf-like Goldfish with their fixed gazes, reflecting on human obsessions, problems, and pointless conflicts—echoes of our time, trapped in an existential void.

Amir Soleymani, known in the art world as Mondoir, presents self-portraits that are a unique and distinctive portrayal of a human or imaginary being. Usually depicted as an abstract figure with clear and prominent features, they may symbolize an inner existence or represent aspects of humanity and human emotions. These self-portraits are typically rendered using a wide spectrum of colors and bold lines to express his personality and essence. Through these artworks, Amir explores his inner experiences, emotions, and deep thoughts, providing viewers with an opportunity to reflect on various aspects of humanity and personality.

Group Exhibition “Mahunik”